Ask a librarian

Ask a librarian

'Ask a librarian' enables you to ask questions about the KB, our (online) services or other subjects. You may also add comments or suggestions about our services.

You may also ask us research-related questions. Our information specialists will try to find answers to your questions. Our area of expertise is Dutch history, culture and society, and the humanities in general. We can help you by providing references to Internet sources, specialised databases, books, articles or institutions.

We aim to supply you with a response within one working day. Please note the following:

  • Use our order forms to request documents.
  • We will not do your homework for you, nor will we write projects or papers
  • For questions about computers or software please contact your helpdesk
  • Please first check the Frequently asked questions

You may ask your question by making use of the online form or by contacting our information desk (070 - 3140310, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm).