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No. 35 (p. 61): Rembrandt van Rijn. [Amsterdam], 1661.
The Presentation in the Temple.
Pen and brush and brown ink, white body-colour, arched at the top.
Signed bottom centre: Rembrandt f. 1661.
- Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669), artist. NNBW V, 577 585.
- The scene is based on St. Luke 2:25-35, one of Rembrandt's favourite themes. It was revealed to Simeon by the Holy Ghost that he would not die before he had seen Christ. He takes the child in his arms, thanks God and asks to be allowed to die because he has now seen what God has prepared for the salvation of mankind.
- See: O. Benesch, The Drawings of Rembrandt. 6 vols. 2nd. ed. London 1973, vol. 5, pp. 289-290, no. 1057, fig. 1341.