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No. 92 (p. 142): Ludovicus Vlasblom. Amsterdam, 1 May 1674.
Ut fuerim solus Roma devectus ad oras
Batavicas, captus frigore nunc hyemis,
Ibo favore Dei repetendus pedite Romam
Horis aestatis, commodiore loco.
Raptim. Ludovicus Vlasblom med. doct.
1 Maji 1674. Amstelaedami.
I have sailed from Rome to Holland and now I suffer from the cold of winter. If God wills it, I shall look for Rome on foot when it is summer again.
- Ludovicus Vlasblom. According to the 'med. doct' he was physician.
- The purport and relevance of the poem are not very clear; it contains metrical and grammatical faults.