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No. 184 (p. 265): Anna Maria van Schurman. [Utrecht, September 1645].
Yawmun w hidun lil-' limi akyar min al-hay t kullih lil- hili.
A.M. à Schurman.
A single day for a scholar is better than a lifetime for an ignoramus.
Motto: My longing has been crucified (is the crucified) (Ignatius, Epist. 4, 7; J.P. Migne, Patrologia Graeca 5 p. 693.b).
- Anna Maria van Schurman (1607 1678), scholar and artist. NNBW I, 1465-1466.
- The Arabian maxim is taken from the 'Sententiae Arabicae' which forms part of Locmanus, Fabulae et selecta quaedam Arabum adagia. With Latin transl. and ann. by T. Erpenius. These Fabulae are included in various editions of Erpenius Grammatica Arabica as a separately paginated appendix. With grateful acknowledgement to Dr. J.J. Witkam of the Leiden University Library.
- The contribution has been put directly into the album and it is, therefore, likely that Heyblocq obtained it during his visit to Utrecht in 1645.