Charles Perrault

Long term loan from the Letterkundig Museum, NBLC Boek & Jeugd
Acquisition 1997
Date Ca. 1903
Size 27 x 20 cm.
SignatureBJZ0 173

The description of this book in the publisher's list for the J. Vlieger firm in Amsterdam (circa 1907) says: 'with four large plates in the middle, which pop up when the book is opened, thus effectively creating a panorama.'
It is remarkable that this fragile book has survived for over hundred years. Unfortunately, it did not make it in one piece: parts of the front cover have broken off, and the original back cover is missing. There is no indication of the lucky child who originally owned the book, but it most likely belonged to a well-mannered youngster with attentive parents who paid thirty cents for this picture book. The book was purchased by the Stichting Landelijke Bibliotheekcentrale (LBC) in Amsterdam. It is unknown how much was paid, but it was undoubtedly far more than the original price.

The LBC added a protective binding and put a new back cover on the book. However, that was not the end of this book's travels. In 1995, the LBC's collection of antiquarian children's books was added to the Boek & Jeugd [Book & Youth] collection of the Nederlands Bibliotheek- en Lectuurcentrum [Netherlands Public Library Association]. In 1997, Boek & Jeugd was integrated into the Letterkundig Museum, and the children's book collection with 70,000 titles was given to the Koninklijke Bibliotheek on long-term loan. The Koninklijke Bibliotheek's existing collection instantly grew to over 125,000 books, including this beautiful version of the fairytale Cinderella.