Important: Closure KB in connection with the Corona virus

In accordance with the series of measures the Dutch government has taken to battle the further outbreak of the corona virus, the KB, National Library of the Netherlands, has decided to close its reading rooms and all other public facilities from 13 March until 6 April 2020.
We realize that these measures can cause problems for some of our guests, but unfortunately feel obliged to close our doors. The Government has stated that all events with more than 100 attendees will be canceled until the end of this month, and the number of daily visitors of the KB exceeds this number. Museums, concert halls and other public facilities have likewise decided to close until the end of this month.

Our online services such as Delpher, DBNL and KB-catalogue are of course still available.

With these measures, we take our responsibility to limit the spread of the coronavirus. We will keep you informed of the latest state of affairs via this page. We thank you for your understanding.