National Library of the Netherlands - Portico Partnership

Cooperation at the forefront of Digital Preservation and International Collaboration

May 28, 2015 –The Hague, Netherlands and New York, NY - The National Library of the Netherlands (KB) and Portico announced today a new partnership that will support the preservation of e-journals through the KB’s International e-Depot program and take advantage of Portico’s extensive preservation infrastructure and expertise.

Role of the KB in preservation

The KB’s International e-Depot program focuses on the preservation of e-journals from international scientific publishers, and grew out of e-Depot, the solution to preserve locally published content in the Netherlands. “At the KB, our preservation strategy has been to use a variety of solutions and tools, and not rely on any single method,” commented Hans Jansen, Deputy Director General. “Portico has been a key collaborator in our preservation work over the years, which, as a national library, happens on a very large scale.”

Portico’s preservation expertise

Portico first began offering e-journal preservation support to national libraries through its work with the British Library to help it meet UK legal deposit regulations in 2013. “We continue to expand our work to serve the unique preservation needs of different types of libraries and publishers around the world,” commented Kate Wittenberg, Portico Managing Director. “Through this partnership, the KB can take advantage of Portico’s existing preservation expertise and infrastructure and we can further our shared mission to ensure that scholars and researchers will have access to content in the future.”

New partner publishers

The International e-Depot already preserves more than 15 million e-journal articles, and Portico will provide the KB with preservation-formatted e-journal content from scientific publishers who are new to the program. The first group of new participants includes BioOne, Walter DeGruyter, Wolters Kluwer, Karger, Brill, and Thieme. In case of an e-journal trigger event from participating publishers, the KB would provide access to Dutch researchers.
“This is an extremely collaborative relationship,” added Jansen. “Portico has worked with many of these publishers for a number of years so this promises to bring greater efficiency and speed to our work. And we plan to further extend our collaboration with Portico into emerging research areas, like how to handle new publishing formats, to increase our impact on the future of preservation.”