One of the KB's oldest manuscripts possibly made for Eleanor of Aquitaine

1 April 2017 - Recent research indicates that the unidentified noble lady portrayed in the Psalter of Fécamp (76 F 13) may be Eleanor of Aquitaine, the most powerful woman of the twelfth century. She died on 1 April 1204, and that is why the KB is announcing the news today and publishing a new high-quality digital version.

Donor portrait, fol. 28v
Donor portrait, Eleanor of Aquitaine

KW 76 F 13

Beatus vir initial for Psalm 1
'Beatus vir' initial for Psalm 1

David playing the harp (above), David and Goliath (below)

Until recently, little was known of the lady who kneels so reverently in a full-page miniature opposite the 'B' initial at the beginning of the psalms, featuring David and David and Goliath.

It was agreed that she must have been a very important and rich person, because full-page donor portraits are extremely rare in the twelfth century. The psalter itself is also a luxurious manuscript, one of the richest we know from that period.

The research throws new light on the psalter. Read the full story at: