Renewed KB Lab website live

11 April 2017 – The KB launches its renewed KB Lab website today. The KB Lab is an English-language platform where digital humanities researchers and others with an interest in digital research can access experimental tools and data sets derived from the KB collections for large-scale research in the databases of the KB and Delpher.

Digital humanities research

Digital techniques enable researchers to ‘read’ and analyse many hundreds of thousands of newspapers simultaneously, enabling them to answer questions such as: How did 500.000 newspapers write about 'Europe'? What intrigues are most common in 10,000 novels? How did the use of language change in parliamentary debates between 1814 and 1995?

Cooperation between KB and researchers

In the KB Lab KB staff, scholars and KB users collaborate to explore and enrich digital collections and make them more accessible. Go to our website to access tools, experimental data sets and more information about our projects involving digital collections.

More information

  • Take a look at the KB Lab website, try out the tools and register for our newsletter to stay informed about all new developments.
  • For further information, please contact Lotte Wilms.