More e-books available in the online Library

3 oktober 2018 - Dutch e-books from Dutch publishers will now be available to library members as quickly as possible, within one year at the most. These terms are included in an agreement made by six parties from the book sector and the Minister of Education, Culture & Science, Ingrid Van Engelshoven. Authors, translators and illustrators will also be given more transparency about remuneration when their e-books are borrowed.

The agreement means that more titles, more up-to-date titles and more titles for younger readers will become available online. At present, 21,000 of a total of around 35,000 titles are available as e-books in the online Library. This figure is expected to rise to 27,000 e-books by the end of next year.

From left to right: Felix Rottenberg (stichting Literaire rechten auteurs), Maria Vlaar (Auteursbond), Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (Education, Culture & Science), Hanneke Verschuur (stichting Literaire rechten auteurs), Lily Knibbeler (National Library of the Netherlands), Arthur Schellekens (Netherlands Association of Public Libraries), Geneviève Waldmann (Groep Algemene Uitgevers), Gerrit Jan Wolffensperger (stichting Pictoright)

Fair rewards

Minister Van Engelshoven is pleased with the agreement. Not only because more titles will become available, but also because the people making the books can now rely on a fair remuneration for their work: “We know that the cultural sector has never been a money machine, with the odd exception of course. But as a writer, translator or illustrator, you should be able to count on fair rewards as well.”

From now on, authors, translators and illustrators will be paid per loan transaction. The profits will be shared 50/50 between the publisher and the author, translator or illustrator. Van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture & Science (OCW), has allocated a budget of up to €3 million in 2021 for the implementation of the agreement. A large proportion of this sum will benefit the makers directly.

New e-books in October

In October for example, a range of books by Nelleke Noordervliet will be available in the online library. Amerikanen lopen niet by Arjen van Veelen and Dit was niet het nieuws by De Correspondent are also due to appear this month. In total, the digital library will gain 1,000 new e-books over the course of October.

Seven parties

The new arrangements in the e-lending agreement will come into force on 1 January 2019. Seven parties have endorsed the agreement: the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, the National Library of the Netherlands (KB), the Netherlands Association of Public Libraries (VOB), the Groep Algemene Uitgevers (GAU), the Auteursbond, Stichting Lira and Stichting Pictoright.

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