New visual brand for the KB

26 February 2019 - In 2019, the KB, National Library of the Netherlands, will adopt a new visual brand, including a new logo and new colours. We are currently working hard to convert all our modes of communication, including this website, to show the new brand.

Why do we need new visual branding?

For many decades the tasks of the KB revolved around science and heritage, but these days, our remit is much broader. In 2015, for example, the task of coordinating the system of public libraries was added to our legal responsibilities. We also try to reach new target groups through our involvement in innovative research projects, digital services and new network activities. We want to show the public that the KB really is the National Library, and as such, is there to serve everyone in the Netherlands. We aim to inspire and encourage, take a place at the heart of society and be accessible to people from all walks of life.

Connection is the key

The new brand is all about connection. It urges people to probe more deeply, is both dynamic and simple, and is consistent with the KB’s character. The new logo expresses connections between classical and modern, past and future, regal and accessible, static and dynamic, reliable and challenging, solid and friendly, and human and technical.

About the new logo

The new logo connects the classical world of what used to be termed the ‘Royal Library’ of the Netherlands with the accessible world of today's National Library. They are linked by a recognisable symbol: an arrow representing an open book. The symbol stands for ‘read more’ and refers to progress and development, an online button and an open book.

You can download the new KB logo via


If you have any questions about the new visual brand, please contact the Corporate Communication department by sending an e-mail to .