Deposit Library for Dutch Publications

The Deposit Library for Dutch Publications was established in 1974 to preserve the published output of the Netherlands as part of the Dutch cultural heritage. The collection includes a.o. books, periodicals, newspapers, reports, comic books and government publications.


All publications received by the KB are included in the Netherlands Bibliography Online. First issues of journals are also included.

Agreement with publishers

There is no legal deposit regulation in the Netherlands. Therefore, the KB relies on voluntary deposit arrangements with publishers, as laid down in an agreement with the Netherlands Publishers Association. Publishers are invited to submit one free copy of each publication for inclusion in the Deposit Collection. Ninety percent of all publications find their way to the Deposit Collection in this way. The KB actively scouts the market to fill in any gaps and ensure comprehensiveness.

Relevance of the Deposit Collection

The Dutch Deposit Collection is unique in that it aims to gather all publications issued in the Netherlands at one central location. The term 'publications' is understood to include: books, newspapers, journals, magazines, educational tools, cartographic material, yearbooks, reports and brochures. By submitting one copy of your own publications preferably in digital form you help us maintain and expand this valuable national cultural treasure.

How to deposit a publication

Please consult How to deposit.


The Deposit Library for Dutch Publications continues to grow as a result of donations and acquisitions, thus enhancing the Collection’s relevance every year.


More information can be obtained from our Document processing Department.