Depositing publications

The KB invites publishers in the Netherlands to make one copy of each publication originating in the Netherlands available to the Deposit Library for Dutch Publications(printed or electronic, irrespective of the language of the publication). For this purpose, the KB has concluded several agreements with the Dutch Publishers Association.The deposited publications will be stored under optimal conditions. The KB presents new publications in the Netherlands Bibliography Online..

How to deposit?

Which publications are included?

The Deposit Library for Dutch Publications includes all publications originating in the Netherlands, whether book or periodical, print or digital, and irrespective of the language of publication. However, there are some exceptions. When the list is not conclusive, you can always contact the KB Document Processing Department. The KB does not require a publication to have an ISBN or an ISSN, but it does recommend the inclusion of such worldwide identifiers. ISBNs may be obtained from the Bureau ISBN; ISSNs from the ISSN Centre Netherlands.

Who should submit a publication?

Not only publishers, (governmental) institutions, associations or foundations can submit publications; the KB also welcomes publications by individual members of the public. Authors are kindly requested to entrust the deposit to their publishers.

Will the KB use deposit copies for lending purposes?

The KB stores deposit copies as archival copies. This means that they are not available for lending. Electronic publications will not be made available via remote access outside the KB reading rooms, unless the publisher explicitly authorises the KB to do so. For research purposes the deposit collection can be accessed in the KB reading rooms.

Will the KB pay for deposit copies?

Most deposit copies are made available free of charge, and the KB greatly values publishers’ willingness to contribute to the Dutch cultural heritage in this way. At times, however, this is not possible, e.g., when very expensive printed publications are involved. In these cases you are invited to contact our Document Processing Department to discuss special terms.