Depositing individual digital publications

The KB e-Depot offers long-term preservation facilities for digital publications, under a framework agreement with the Dutch Publishers Association. This agreement stipulates that unless otherwise agreed with the publishers, deposited digital publications can only be consulted onsite (within the KB) by authorized KB members

At this time digital monographs and periodicals can only be deposited in PDF format. This includes digital books/reports and issues of periodical publications such as journals and newsletters. It is not necessary to deposit digital academic disserations; these will be harvested from the University repositories.

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Note: At this moment only for PDF formats digital preservation can be guaranteed for the longer term. The publications to be deposited must meet the selection criteria of the KB. We would like to receive complete publications. Individual articles and documents without a cover or title page are not included. Instead of documents with comments and control marks for the publisher we would like to receive the 'clean version'. Newsletters and annual publications are assessed for inclusion after submitting a first copy. If your publication is not included, you will receive a message about this.

For further information please contact our staff.