Information about the Dutch Bibliography

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) compiles and maintains a deposit library consisting of all the Dutch publications issued by recognized publishers as well as a large portion of all Dutch publications issued outside recognized channels - so-called grey literature. The Koninklijke Bibliotheek prepares the Dutch Bibliography on the basis of the material collected in the Deposit Library of Dutch Publications, which constitutes the Dutch contribution to the '[Universal Bibliographic Control]( Professional Statement on UBC.pdf)'. All the libraries in the Netherlands can make use of the bibliographical records produced by the KB. Maintenance of the Dutch Bibliography takes place within the context of the agreement drawn up with the Nederlands Bibliografisch Centrum (Netherlands Bibliographical Centre).

Bibliographical records produced by the Dutch Bibliography department, also known as the 'Brinkman Editorial Staff', are available in the KB's General Catalogue and are also published in various lists. The A List contains publications by standard publishing houses. Since 1 April 2001, the A List has appeared online under the name OutNow. The B List contains titles published by administrative bodies and academic institutions. The titles from NetUit and the B List, supplemented by many other titles, are published in the Netherlands Bibliography Online.

In addition to supplying title data for these publications, the KB is also responsible for the publication of the Nederlandse Bibliografie 1801-1832 (Netherlands Bibliography 1801-1832), Het Nederlandse Boek in Vertaling (The Dutch book in translation) (Dutch). Records of grey literature produced by the Netherlands Bibliography are recorded in the SIGLE database. The annual Dutch contribution to the Index Translationum, published by UNESCO, is also drawn from the file of the Netherlands Bibliography.

Finally, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek collects all the atlases and maps published in the Netherlands. These are catalogued in the Bibliografie van in Nederland verschenen kartografische materialen (Bibliography of Cartographical Materials Published in the Netherlands) (Dutch).

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