ISSN Centre Netherlands

You can apply to ISSN Centrum Nederland to assign an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), a unique international identification number, to titles of serial publications. There is no fee for this.

ISSN Centrum Nederland is affiliated to the ISSN International Centre in Paris and applies the international guidelines. All ISSNs assigned around the world are held in the International ISSN Register. ISSN Centrum Nederland is part of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (the National Library of the Netherlands).

What is an ISSN?

An ISSN normally consists of an eight digit number (seven digits plus a check digit) in the form: ISSN 1234-5679. If the check digit is 10 it is replaced by an X: ISSN 1384-279X.

The ISSN is assigned to a title of a serial publication and stays the same for all issues with that title. The ISSN simplifies searches of digital files and assists processing and exchanging information, particularly for titles in less commonly used languages and publications with very similar titles. An assigned ISSN is for identification purposes only and does not confer any rights.

What is a serial publication?

Serial publications are those issued regularly, such as magazines, newspapers, yearbooks and series, published in consecutive issues or parts with a chronological designation (e.g. year, number, year/month of publication). Serial publications may be printed or digital. If a publication appears in different formats, each of them has a separate ISSN.

Application procedure

Use this ISSN form to submit an application. An ISSN application for a digital serial publication cannot be accepted until the first digital edition is available. You will be sent a written confirmation of the assigned number when your application has been processed.

How the ISSN is used

The ISSN should preferably be printed in the bibliographical information of each issue of the publication. If there is no bibliographical information, the ISSN is printed on the cover. The ISSN can also be printed as a bar code. Please see (

New ISSN if the title changes

International guidelines require a new ISSN to be assigned when the title of a serial publication changes. Any change must be reported in good time to ISSN Centrum Nederland using this application form.
Other bibliographical changes do not require a new ISSN but must be reported to ISSN Centrum Nederland to ensure that the International ISSN Register is up to date.


Some publications have both an ISSN and an ISBN (book identification number). In these cases, the ISBN applies to a specific issue (e.g. year book, themed editions). Contact the Bureau ISBN ( for more information.

Further information

Telephone: +31 (0)70 - 314 04 10 / +31 (0)70 - 314 04 11