ISSN: request form for title change

To complete your ISSN apllication, please answer the following questions about the new title of your journal or serial publication.

Name, telephone number or e-mailaddress other then stated above.
Name and postal address of organisation requesting ISSN if not publisher

Information new title

Please note: You will be asked about the original title in another section of this form.

Title exactly as it appears on the colophon, or the cover if there is no colophon
In what year this title is published first?
Language of the publication
What is the frequency of the publication?
If published in other format, the title and ISSN must be mentioned, unless they are new. Publication in other format needs its own ISSN.
If it is published online, please give us the exact location (URL) of the serial, and any (temporarily) passwords that may be needed.
Name and place of business of the former publisher if this title was formerly published by a different publisher.

Information former title

Title exactly as it appeared on the colophon, or the cover if there is no colophon