External evaluation 2011

The KB is financed from public funds, and gives a yearly account of its expenditure in its Annual Report. In addition, the KB is required by law to submit itself regularly to a review by an external evaluation commission. In April 2011 an external evaluation commission visited the KB, and made particular note of the KB’s excellent international reputation in its final report.

In accordance with the protocol members of such a commission must be independent of the KB and must have the relevant expertise necessary to make a valid assessment. The 2011 commission consisted of the following members: Prof. Dr. Wiljan van den Akker, Dean of the Faculty of the Humanities of the University of Utrecht (chair); Richard Boulderstone, Director of e-Strategy of the British Library; Dr. Frank van Eijkern, Interim-Manager of Boer & Croon Executive Managers; and Edwin van Huis, Director of XPEX BV. Thus the commission offered administrative experience and expertise in the fields of academic research, ICT and commercial services.

Prior to its visit the commission received a self-evaluation document, in which the KB reviewed the period 2005-2010. During its visit the commission held discussions with the Board of Governors, the Board of Directors, other management and the Works Council. The commission also spoke with representatives from public and university libraries, and from the world of publishing. The commission drew up its report based on the self-evaluation and on these extensive discussions. The conclusions and recommendations of the commission have been incorporated in the KB’s updated long-term strategy.

The KB has presented the report of the commission, together with an accompanying response, to the Secretary of State for Education, Culture and Science.