Preservation policy

The National Library of the Netherlands (KB) has defined preservation policies on the strategic, the tactical and the operational level. These policies are adopted for three years and are revisited after this term or earlier when changes are necessary. The purpose of the policy framework as a whole is to provide guidance for implementation of all the processes needed to guarantee long-term preservation of the digital objects in our collections. The policies are informed by the model described as the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) and the guidelines for Trustworthy Digital Repositories (ISO-16363).

The Preservation policy defines goals and guidelines on a strategic level and serves as a reference for the underlying documents.

The Preservation plan serves to give further substance to the National Library of the Netherlands’ (KB) adopted preservation policy for the period from 2019 to 2022. Whereas the preservation policy sets out principles at strategic level, this document provides guidance on how to formulate the aforementioned principles in detail at tactical level. Key concepts like integrity, authenticity and accessibility are defined in this document as guidance for implementation on the operational level.

Finally, a number of documents detail how the tactical principles of the preservation plan are implemented on the operational level. The Overview of integrity and authenticity provides pointers to the implementation of these key concepts in the current system. The File format policy defines the technical details of how the knowledge levels mentioned in the preservation plan will be implemented as preparation towards functional preservation in the future.

For clarification of the different policy levels, see the document hierarchy depicted in the illustration below.