Selection criteria

Selection criteria

For the compilation of selection criteria and the making of responsible choices from the 7000 available titles, a Scientific Advisory Committee has been appointed that includes experts in the area of (press) history. The committee members are:

  • Prof. F.P.I.M. van Vree, Media and culture,University of Amsterdam (chairman)
  • J.J.M. Bos, project manager STCNNational Library of the Netherlands
  • Dr. M.J. Broersma, Journalism, University ofGroningen
  • Prof. J.M.H.J. Hemels, Communication studies, University ofAmsterdam and University of Antwerpen
  • Prof. P.G.Hoftijzer, Book studies, University ofLeiden
  • E. Sanders, historian and journalist
  • Dr. A. Sens, director Press museum
  • Dr. R. Vos, press historian


For the selection of titles a classification according to periods has been made:

  • 1618-1800
  • 1800-1814
  • 1814-1869
  • 1869-1914
  • 1914-1965
  • 1965-1995

Besides a selection has been made for:

  • Colonial newspapers
  • The Second World War

For each period, political, social, economic and cultural characteristics have been compiled and the development of the journalistic profession and the newspaper sector in that period has been examined. Selection criteria will be drawn up for each period using these characteristics. The available titles will be assessed according to the extent to which they are an instrument and reflection of society at that point in time.

The following characteristics will be applied for the definition of the term newspaper:

  1. a product from the printing press (therefore not handwritten);
  2. periodicity (published - preferably - two or more times per week);
  3. high content of current affairs;
  4. universality (all types of news are covered);
  5. can be purchased by anyone.

Selected titles