Selection process

After the initial selection of titles, practical aspects might mean that a title is still not eligible for selection:

  • The collections kept have major gaps and have not been stored in one place. Only in rare cases is the complete title set stored at one location. Sometimes it is not possible to determine the location of certain editions. Per title it will need to be considered how much time should be spent finding and collecting missing copies.
  • In the project as much material as possible will be digitized from microfilms. The use of microfilms offers many advantages compared to digitization from originals. The microfilms - in the possession of the KB or other institutions - are, however, of variable quality, are made with differing reduction factors and are filmed in high or low contrast. Many of the available microfilms will not be suitable for digitization. It could also be the case that titles on microfilms are incomplete. At the KB research is conducted into the quality of digitization and OCR from different types of microfilms. The results of this research will be made available on this page at a later stage.
  • Copyright applies to newspapers from the twentieth century and therefore these cannot be digitized and made available without permission. When a titleis selected fordigitization the claimant will betracked downand then contacted. For some titles - the so-called 'orphans' - the claimant may not be found. To prevent problems with respect to copyright, the publishing sector will be consulted at the start of the project.
  • In the Netherlands many newspapers have been digitized at local and regional archives. For the project, these newspaper titles digitized elsewhere, will be identified. The inventory (pdf) will take place continuously and will be kept as up to date as possible. If such a title occurs in the selection then efforts will be made to reach agreements with the involved.

Of the titles that are ultimately eligible for digitization, it will be ascertained whether the material - original or microfilm - is available and usable for digitization. If the title does not meet the requirementsit will be removed from the selection. If possible, another title will be selected. However if the conditions are met, the material will be collected and prepared so that the process of digitization can start.

The selection process consists at most of seven steps, which are illustrated in the flowchart below.