Aim of the STCN

As the retrospective national bibliography, the STCN intends to provide a full overview of the Dutch book production up to and including the year 1800. Thereby making available a large and important part of the national and European cultural heritage. The STCN database is often used as an instrument for historical research and also provides the basis for large-scale digitisation projects.

  1. National Bibliography
    The STCN can be regarded as 'the registery office of the old and rare Dutch book' up to the year 1800. The STCN, as the national bibliography should, provides an overview of what has been published in the Netherlands, or has appeared elsewhere in the Dutch language. Sometime in the future, the STCN will, together with bibliographies of the period after 1800, form a database in which all Dutch books can be found.
  2. Cultural heritage
    Books are pre-eminently carriers of culture. The STCN-descriptions provide an ideal basis for managing, conserving and making available a large and important part of Dutch and European cultural heritage.
  3. Research instrument
    Extensive search options and a modern description format have made the STCN-database into an ideal instrument for all kinds of scholarly historical research.
  4. Basis for digitization
    The STCN-descriptions form the basis of large-scale digitization projects such as Early Dutch Books Online.