e-Depot requirements

From special status to core business

Preserving digital publications may have been a special and separate activity in the library of 2002, but fifteen years later collecting, managing and providing access to digital resources has become core business. The 2002 DIAS system, which was an entirely separate unit, no longer served the KB's business as a library. After extensive market orientation the KB decided to develop the processing software in-house.

Our new e-Depot ('Digitaal magazijn' in Dutch) conforms to international standards to further communication between systems. To name just a few: METS, MODS and Premis, and, of course, the Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS) standard.

The KB's operational process is leading

The KB's operational process comprises four steps: selection, processing, storage and delivery. The e-Depot is mostly about processing and data storage, but there are clear links with the other process steps: the selection process determines not only what is to be collected, but also the retention period for digital objects. And the connection with delivery is self-evident. The process owners of the four steps have each defined their own requirements, resulting in a list of over 200 requirements.

KB strives for certification as a 'trusted repository'

Most of the e-Depot's requirements either go back to the need to integrate the system in the KB's operational business, or to the KB's intention to be certified as a trusted repository. The KB's Research and Preservation Departments are actively engaged in the implementation of the Data Seal of Approval. International standards such as DIN-31644 and ISO 16363 are next on our list. In collaboration with the Dutch Digital Preservation Coalition NCDD, the KB disseminates knowledge about certification in the Netherlands.

The e-Depot must be flexible enough to adapt to new developments

Lastly, an important requirement for the current e-Depot is it's flexibility. The world of digital information is in constant flux and the KB organisation must be enabled to follow developments closely.