Improving search and usability of digital content

One of the core activities of the research department of the KB, National Library of the Netherlands, is improving search and usability of our digital content. Over the years we have contributed significantly to the design and implementation of the KB digital infrastructure. More recently, we have turned our attention to enriching our digital collections with extracted or related information, from internal as well as external sources.

These enrichments may be of various kinds: from an extracted genre or sentiment to geographical coordinates or a related movie on the web. We currently focus our efforts on enriching the historical newspaper collection with linked named entities, i.e. names of persons, locations and organisations mentioned in the newspaper articles that are linked to corresponding resource descriptions in international knowledge bases such as DBpedia, Wikidata and VIAF.

In addition, we research methods for improving Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with machine learning techniques, for making enrichments available as Linked Open Data and for extending semantic search capabilities. Future work includes the automatic recognition of events, using crowdsourcing techniques for enrichments and linking related content within and across collections.

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