Web archiving

Originally, the KB's remit covered the collection of printed publications from and about the Netherlands - in order that future researchers and students would be able to consult them. Since the beginning of this century, a large part of our (written) public lives has migrated to the internet. The internet is a most volatile medium, with rapidly changing information. Nevertheless, it will be a most valuable source of information for future researchers and students. Therefore, the KB began archiving a selection of Dutch websites in 2007. The KB does not only harvest these sites, but also develops a strategy to ensure their long-term usibility.

As of 2011, the Dutch web archive is available in the KB reading rooms(link only works within the KB). In addition, researchers may request access to the data for specific projects. Because of copyright restrictions, wider availability of the Dutch web archive has not yet been realised.

As per September 2021, 21,000 websites have been selected; the Dutch web archive contains about 37 Terabyte of data.

For more information, please contact
Peter de Bode, Collection Development
Sophie Ham, Coordinator
Trienka Rohrbach, Crawl Engineer
P/O box 90407
2509 LK The Hague
The Netherlands