There are two basic strategies for web archiving. The first strategy revolves around automatic harvesting of websites in large quantities (usually a national domain). The second strategy is based on a selection policy. Automatic harvesting is relatively cheap compared with the selective approach, which is necessarily more labour-intensive. On the other hand, in harvesting a limited number of sites more attention can be paid to technical details and websites can be archived down to the deepest level.

The KB has decided on a selective approach, because this is more in line with the remit of the KB, the available resources and the chosen legal approach (opt-out). The KB's selection is based on the KB's collection policy. Within this framework, a cross section of the Dutch domain is selected for archiving. Primarily, we select websites with cultural and academic content, but we do include websites of an innovative character which exemplify present trends on the Dutch domain. Finally, we take into account relevance for Dutch society and popularity.

As a next step, we will seek cooperation with other knowledge institutions to widen the scope of our selection by making use of the expertise of those organisations.

The KB contributed to the following international web collections:
2012 Summer Olympics
2014 Winter Olympics
World War I Commemoration
Online news around the world
Climate Change
Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)