Theme 2: Publications

Which means of communication do we consider to be publications?

The written word is the starting point for what the KB does. But the key question is: how do you define the written word in today's world? In the past, publications were limited to books and magazines, but the written word now takes many forms. Digital publications have taken a leap forward: they are posted online, shared, linked to data and reused. This raises the question of what means of communications we actually consider to be publications. Is every online blog post a publication? What about multimedia e-books or enhanced academic publications? Out of all of the wide-ranging publications that appear on a daily basis, what should be preserved for eternity? Is it enough to limit ourselves to websites that are representative of the time in which we are living? The question arises: how can we preserve these publications in a sustainable manner and provide access to them in all their different forms. We need to make well-argued, careful and responsible choices. How do we ensure that the data we store remains FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) – even when today's technology eventually becomes obsolete?

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