Reading room closed. Online we are open! Update 23-3

Due to Covid19 measures our reading room are closed. You cannot therefore view, collect or return collection material. Outstanding loans will be extended and you will not receive reminders from us. We thank you for your understanding.

Update 3-3
From 3 March, however, we can again supply high resolution reproductions from the KB collection. We also process scan and ILL orders again. The delivery time may be a bit longer than you are used to from us.

Update 23-3
On special request we can send books that can be borrowed from the KB collection to your home address. You can contact us via the contact form. You will of course need a paid KB membership for this service. It is not yet possible to request the books yourself via the catalog.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, via our Contactform or via Facebook or Twitter.

We are of course open 24/7 online

Online services

Check out our online services such as Delpher, DBNL and the KB-catalogue, online library and the digital resources.


Please feel free to contact us via our contact page, Facebook, or Twitter if you have any questions.