Jacob Jan Cremer (author)

The collection: A collection of manuscripts of novels by the nineteenth-century writer Jacob Jan Cremer (1827-1880): drafts and definitive versions, with copies of novellas used for presentations; portraits and letters.
Size: 107 items.
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J.J. Cremer
J.J. Cremer

J.J. Cremer

Illustrations by J.J. Cremer for his book Portretten. 1858
Illustrations by J.J. Cremer for his book Portretten. 1858

Illustrations by J.J. Cremer for his book Portretten. 1858. Shelfnumber 134 B 11 / 27.

Cremer wrote about the idyllic Betuwe region, but also about problems in society, such as child labour. His novel Fabriekskinderen (1863) was a moving force in the adoption of the famous ‘Children’s Law of Van Houten' (1874).

Collection profile

Jacob Jan Cremer (1827-1880) is most well-known for his idyllic country novels, written in the Betuwe dialect, such as Het Pauwenveerke and Bruur Joapik. However, he also wrote many ‘ordinary’ literary works.

He was trained as an artist and was involved in the founding of the Tooneelverbond.

The collection is interesting because it includes a number of drafts of texts in addition to the definitive versions. Also, there are autograph copies of novellas, which Cremer produced to be used for public speeches. Some manuscripts include pen drawings by Cremer. Furthermore, there are some letters and other documents.

Collection history

Around 1947, the antiquarian bookseller G.W. Gijsbers from Arnhem acquired an extensive collection of Cremer’s manuscripts from inhabitants of Velp, where one of Cremer’s daughters had lived from 1923 to 1943. After an inventory had been made, the collection was given on loan to Hugo Sanders, who wrote a dissertation on Cremer’s work in 1952. In the same year, the collection was offered for sale by the antiquarian booksellers Gijsbers & Van Loon. The librarian of the KB, Leendert Brummel, acquired it. The purchase was entered in the acquisition records on 15 July, 1952.

Relationship with other collections

The manuscript of Cremer’s Fabriekskinderen was owned by H.W. Bosscha until it was auctioned in 1982. In 1997, it was acquired by the Literary Museum, which has several other manucripts of Cremer.


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