Exil editions

Collection history: The collection was purchased from Hans Würzner (faculty of German, Leiden University) in 1995. It is enlarged by purchases and (occasionally) by gifts, such as that of Hendrik Edelman in 2010.
Size: The collections comprises c.540 titles.
Access: The books may be consulted in the Special Collections Reading Room. They can be found inthe KB-catalogue by following this link.
More information: Paul van Capelleveen - 070-3140331

Cover design by Henri Friedlaender for Hermann Kesten,Die Kinder von Gernika. Amsterdam : Allert de Lange, 1939 (Call number: KW EXIL 376)

Cover design drawing by Charles Eyck for Joseph Roth, Die Geschichte von der 1002. Nacht. Bilthoven: De Gemeenschap, 1939 (Call number: KW EXIL 395)

Cover design and typography by P.L. Urban for Alfred Döblin, Babylonische Wandrung oder Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall. Amsterdam: Querido, 1934 (Call number: KW EXIL 150)

Binding for Alfred von Zeerleder, The technology of aluminium and its light alloys.Amsterdam : Nordemann Publishing Company, 1936 (Call number: KW EXIL 534)

Binding forAlfred von Zeerleder,The technology of aluminium and its light alloys.Amsterdam : Nordemann Publishing Company, 1936 (Call number: KW EXIL 534)

Collection description

German Exilliteratuur (or Emigrants' literature) originated in the period 1933-1945. It concerns texts by German authors who could not have their works published after Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933. They went into exile and found publishers in other countries, such as Sweden and the Netherlands. Until the German occupation (1940-1945), many of them (often Jews or Communists) took up residence in the Netherlands. Later on, they emigrated to the United States. Apart from literary authors, there were also scientists among them.

The core of the Exil collection is the collection of the Germanist Hans Würzner (1927-2009), who exhibited his books on several locations from the 1970s onwards. The collection of some 500 literary and historical works was afterwards enlarged by purchases. In 2010, an addition to the collection, mainly consisting of mathematical and scientific Exilworks, was given to the library by Hendrik Edelman.

Several Dutch publishers were involved in producing Exil editions: many literary texts appeared at Querido and Allert de Lange, while publishers such as Brill, Sijthoff, and Nijhoff mainly printed scientific works.

Another important aspect of emigrants' literature in the Netherlands is that apart from writers, many graphic designers came to this country to build a career.Henri Friedlaender came to work at the Hague printer Mouton (he signed his work with the initial letter of his surname, Fr.). Also famous were the covers designed by P.L. Urban (who signed with U). Other designers/artists who fled to the Netherlands are Helmut Salden (who afer the war became vital to the appearance of the books of Van Oorschot's publishers) andSuzanne Heynemann (who was later to design the school book editions of J.B. Wolters' at Groningen).


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