Koopman Collection: colophon


Paul van Capelleveen

Original editorial board (2005):
Paul van Capelleveen & Sophie Ham

Paul van Capelleveen, Sophie Ham, Jordy Joubij, and with contributions by: Bregje Hofstede, Kees Thomassen, Rens Top, Maggy Wishaupt, Clemens de Wolf, Hendrikje Balkenende

Jan van Oorschot, Marcel Rijs, Dirk Tang & Dirk Kramer
Thanks are due to Jacobine Huisken,Garrelt Verhoeven and Eva Visscher

The films were designed by IJsfontein (Amsterdam), with the assistance of Erik Beijer. Scans were provided by Jos Uljee and by Strata Preservation.
The film texts are narrated by: Chazia Mourali &Philip Freriks (Dutch texts), Marianne Roobol & Ronald Palmer (English texts), Annie Kroon & Jean-Pierre Rouard (French texts).
Translations by: Chantal van Arendonk-Bourgeois, M.J.M. de Bok, Christoph Chaplet, Véronique Corcelle, Dan Hassler-Forest, Sabine de Tonnac de Villeneuve, Annie Kroon and Erik Geleijns.


The copyright of works by artists connected to CISAC organisations has been determined through Pictoright in Amsterdam. © c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2005

Title-page  for Le chant des morts (1948)

Title-page for Le chant des morts (1948)