A full year of online access to over 150 digital resources for just € 15. Get continuous access to all our digital collections, e-books, periodicals and international newspapers.

Licensed digital content is available for private use only. Dutch nationals have worldwide access. Foreign nationals have access only while they reside in the Netherlands, either temporarily or permanently. We require proof of address to verify this.

The focus of digital resources is on cultural sciences. A small exampe of our most popular resources:

  • E-book Central: More than 400.000 scholarly ebooks on a variety of subjects in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Databases: A large amount of databases with publications about history, politics, environment, arts, regligion and sports.
  • (Inter)national newspapers: Worldwide selection of recent newspapers and magazines from the last three months.

The KB collects everything that is published in or about the Netherlands. With a KB membership you can request these publications (online) and peruse them in the reading rooms of the KB. You can find an overview of the KB-collections on this page. In the KB reading rooms you will find computers, printers, scanners and microfilms. You are welcome to come see for yourself!