Requests, pick-up and return

Submit requests in our online catalogue

Please log in to the KB catalogue with your account number and password to start requesting books from our stacks, to renew them or to make reservations.


After an online request, you know exactly when the books will be ready for pick-up:

Requests Pick-up
Monday through Friday before 8.30 am after 10.00 am
before 11.30 am after 13.00 pm
before 14.30 pm after 16.00 pm
after 14.30 pm next working day after 10.00 am
Holidays next working day after 10.00 am

On-site requests are handled following the same schedule.
Requested books will be held at our issue desk for 7 days. If you have not picked them up by then, they will be returned to our stacks.
On Saturdays the issue desk in the General Reading room is open, but our stacks are closed. The Special Collections desk is closed altogether.

Books for viewing or borrowing

The majority of our collections are available for viewing only. They cannot be borrowed. The KB catalogue informs you what you can do with each collection item:

  • ‘Alleen ter inzage in de KB’ = available for reference in the KB reading rooms only. Books are issued for 7 days but may not be taken out of the reading rooms. The KB wishes to protect its unique collection.
  • ‘Uitleenbaar’ = borrowable: the publication can be requested and borrowed.
  • ‘Geblokkeerd’ = blocked: this material is too vulnerable or precious to be viewed by library patrons on a regular basis. You can contact us if you need to see this material for your research (attn: Special Collections).
  • Call number starts ‘KW’: available for reference in the Special Collections reading room.
  • Call number starts ‘LZ’ or ‘NL’: these books are available in open access stacks.

Viewing period: 7 days, renewable

Books are issued for viewing in the library for a period of 7 days. If you wish to consult a publication on consecutive days, the issue desk can keep it for you overnight. Please leave the white slip in the book. If you wish to renew your book, please go to the catalogue, and then write the new date on the slip to prevent it from being sent back to the stacks. You may also contact us to do this for you: please go to or call us at 070-3140310.

Loan period: 31 days, renewable

The standard loan period is 31 days, which you can renew ten times via the KB catalogue.

Expiration of loan period

You will receive a notification when your loan period expires and a fine of € 4,50 per book may be imposed. You may not be able to submit new requests. See the Conditions of use.

Special Collections requests

Special Collections items are marked ‘KW’ in the KB catalogue and you can request them in the usual way. Special collections items can only be viewed in the Special Collections reading room. See opening hours Special Collections.

Not all of our Special Collections have yet been incorporated in the KB catalogue. If you want to view material that is not in our catalogue, please use the special collections request form. If you submit your request before 17.00 pm on any working day, the items will be waiting for you at our Special Collections desk the next working day from 10.00 am.

If you need to see 10 items or more, please contact our Special Collections desk at least one day in advance at +31 70 31 40 322. You can also use our contact form, attn. ‘Special Collections’ (‘Bijzondere Collecties’).

If you are planning a visit to our Special Collections, please contact our Special Collections desk to make sure the items you wish to view are available on a particular day. We are taking items from our stacks to digitize them, and this may not always be visible in the catalogue.

Requesting ‘blocked’ material

Valuable and/or vulnerable collections items are marked ‘geblokkeerd’ (‘blocked’) in our catalogue. We do our utmost to make this material available online, but if you need to see the original objects for your research, you can submit a special request for blocked publications. We will try to handle your request within 3 days.