Een dag in december

Donation by Wim van Drimmelen
Acquisition: 1994
Date: 1994
Size: 20 x 13 cm.
Call number: KW DPK 0192

In December 1969 the automation project Pica was started. Back in those days of printed catalogues and library card catalogues it was a surprising start to what in just a few decades ultimately expanded into a global network of online search systems and databases.
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this joyful event, Pica organised a gala conference at the Kurhaus hotel in Scheveningen in December 1994. A number of speakers reviewed the developments during the 25-year period while others shared their predictions for the years ahead. The amusing highlight of the day was Herman Pleij's presentation, in which he passionately expressed his nostalgia for the card catalogue.
As a souvenir of the event, the guests received a copy of a story that Hermine de Graaf had written expressly for the occasion, Een dag in december [A day in December].

A select group of no more than thirty guests received a deluxe edition of the book, which was uniquely decorated with a handcrafted binding. The binding, which featured an ingenious puzzle theme, was 'personalised' by incorporating a print of a bibliographical entry for a book that had been written by the intended recipient of the deluxe edition in question.
Wim van Drimmelen, director-general of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, was presented with number 10 in this series of thirty numbered deluxe editions. The printed bibliographical entry for his thesis from 1976 is incorporated in the binding. Van Drimmelen donated the book to the Koninklijke Bibliotheek collection. (RS)