5 dans ton oeil / L'oreille du mur
Salah Stétié
Pierre Alechinsky
R.L.D. [Robert en Lydie Dutrou]

The number of books illustrated or created by Alechinsky is so great that a complete catalogue of his work seems impossible. Alechinsky has contributed to such a bibliography, but its subtitle is a witty indication that comprehensiveness is out of the question. It is therefore not an annotated catalogue, not a 'catalogue raisonnée', but a 'reasonable' bibliography, which appeared in 2002.

The two books that Robert and Lydie Dutrou made with Alechinsky in 1998 are described in the bibliographyunder numbers 146 and 147, and their sizes are quite different. L'oreille du mur contains aphorisms by the poet Stétié, reproduced on the basis of his handwriting and measuring 21 by 13.2 centimetres. 5 dans ton oeil is a portfolio of 72 by 52 centimetres with 5 separate lithographs. Some parts of those large prints have been etched and contain texts by Stétié that have been typeset and printed by hand.

Alechinsky visited Japan in 1955, from which time onwards his fascination for Oriental calligraphy has been evident in all of his work. He opted for the calligrapher's brush (instead of the ordinary paintbrush), using it from then on to draw, paint and create lithographs. He also no longer painted on canvas, but on paper. Humour, freshness and vivacity are the terms generally used to describe Alechinsky's art.

Bibliographical descriptions:

Description: L'oreille du mur / Salah Stétié ; [ill. par] Pierre Alechinsky. - Parly en Puisaye : R.L.D., 1998. - 34 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. - Publ. with: 5 dans ton oeil
Printer: Italic Impression
Edition: 600 copies
This copy: One of 600 copies on Vergé Ivoire and number 18 of 80 copies numbered and signed by the author
Note: With an etching on Larroque, signed by the artist
Bibliography: Bénézit 1-175
Shelf-mark: Koopm M 753
Description: 5 dans ton œil / Salah Stétié ; [imagé et mis en page par Pierre Alechinsky]. - Paris : R.L.D., 1998. - [7] pl.: ill. ; 66×51 cm. - Publ. with: L'oreille du mur
Printer: Robert et Lydie Dutrou (Paris)
Edition: 120 copies
Number: One of 120 copies on Arches and number IX of 15 copies for the author
Note: Signed by the author
The five original lithographs are numbered and signed by the artist
Shelf-mark: Koopm E 47


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Cover of L'oreille du mur
Cover of *L'oreille du mur*

Cover of L'oreille du mur

Lithograph in 5 dans ton oeil by Pierre Alechinsky
Lithograph in *5 dans ton oeil* by Pierre Alechinsky

Lithograph in 5 dans ton oeil by Pierre Alechinsky

Etching by Pierre Alechinsky for L'oreille du mur
Etching by Pierre Alechinsky for *L'oreille du mur*

Etching by Pierre Alechinsky for L'oreille du mur

Title page and frontispiece of L'oreille du mur
Title page and frontispieceof *L'oreille du mur*

Title page and frontispieceof L'oreille du mur

Page 2-3 of L'oreille du mur
Page 2-3of *L'oreille du mur*

Page 2-3of L'oreille du mur