Liber Pantegni

This eleventh-century manual is probably the oldest surviving medical codex in Western Europe

Latin version of Arabic text

The Liber Pantegni is a Latin translation of an Arabic text from the 10th century, the Kitab Kamil as-Sina'a at-Tibbiyya (Complete book of medical arts) by Ali ibn al-Magust. The monk Constantine the African (died 1098/9) translated the text and thereby spread medical knowledge from the Arabic world to Western Europe. The book would be in use for centuries to come.

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Most probably this codex was produced in the eleventh century under supervision of the author himself, in the Italian Monte Cassino convent.

The codex includes only the first part, the theorica, and is subdivided in 10 chapters:

Hoofdstuk I | Chapter II | Chapter III | Chapter IV | Chapter V | Chapter VI | Chapter VII | Chapter VIII | Chapter IX | Chapter X

A twelfth-century reader has added a couple of medical texts to the codex at the beginning and at the end.

See also: 2010 news bulletin from the University of Leiden about Dr. Erik Kwakkel's research into the condex's date of origin (in Dutch).