Updating membership details

If you move house, change your e-mail address or want to choose a new password, you can update these and any other personal details online in your KB account.

Update personal details

It takes just 5 steps.

Go to the registration form

Go to the registration form on our website.

Log into your KB account

Fill in your membership number and password. Click on ‘log in’.If you’ve forgotten your password, request a new password first.

Enter your new details

You will be asked to accept our terms regarding the use of your personal details again. If you refuse, we will be unable to process your details. Then click on ‘next step’.

Change your password if you want to

You may also keep your current password. In this case, no further action is required here. Then click on ‘next step’.

Check the summary and save

Check the summary of the details you have entered until now. If something is wrong, return by clicking on ‘previous step’. If everything is correct, click on ‘next step’ to save your new personal details.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.