You can order high-quality digital reproductions of material from our collections, for example a title page or newspaper article. The reproductions made by our image studio are very high quality digital images, made with professional photo equipment. You can use a reproduction for personal use or study, for use in publications or web presentations or, for example, for printing posters. This page explains more about the reproductions and how you can order them.

Do you just want a black and white scan of (part of) a book or magazine? Then opt for a scan instead of a high-quality reproduction.

Order Reproductions

As an individual

Use the order form for high-quality digital reproductions to place your order.

You pay in advance via iDeal or credit card. If we can't deliver the reproduction you want, your payment will be refunded. In that case, we will send you an email that your order will be cancelled.

From an institution

We request that you register your organisation before ordering. We will process your registration within 3 working days.

Once your account is active, you can order reproductions via the order form for high-quality digital reproductions. Fill out the form and log in with your institution account.

Payment is made via a monthly collective invoice.


You can order reproductions in 4 different formats. The suitable size depends on the size of the original and what you want to use the reproduction for. To check whether you have chosen the most suitable format, we ask for the purpose of the reproduction on the order form.

Below are the formats and costs:

Reproduction size Format is suitable for File size Cost per reproduction
A4 For printing up to 20x25 cm and the web about 3-4 megabytes €4
A3 For printing up to 30x40 cm about 6-8 megabytes €5.50
A2 For printing up to 40x60 cm about 10-15 megabytes €8
A1 For printing up to 60x80 cm about 20-50 megabytes €15.50



You can only order reproductions from parts of publications from the KB collections, e.g. a newspaper article, an image, a title page, or some pages from a book. In exceptional cases, you can order reproductions of entire publications. This is only possible when the publication’s copyright has lapsed.


Sometimes a publication is subject to copyright. This means that you cannot simply use it for your own publications. Learn more about copyright.

We recommend that you always check the copyright in advance. Once you have placed an order and then find out that you are not allowed to use the material, you will no longer be able to cancel your order.

Source citation

Do you plan to make the reproduction public? For example, in a publication or web presentation? Then be sure to use the correct source citation:

  • In Dutch: Den Haag, KB, signatuur (het aanvraagnummer)
  • In English: The Hague, KB, National Library of the Netherlands + shelf mark

File Type

We send reproductions digitally as a jpg file with the following properties:

  • Resolution/Pixel Density: 300 PPI
  • Colour range: Adobe RGB

Delivery time

We will send reproductions within 4 weeks.

In the last step of the ordering process, you have the option for a rush delivery within 5 working days. For a rush delivery, you pay a 100% surcharge with a minimum of €27 per order.


Do you have questions about things such as determining the number of reproductions or specifying the necessary title details? Then please contact us at @email.