Tours and presentations

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Guided tours through the KB: a look behind the scenes

The KB collects everything published in or about the Netherlands. Would you like to see with your own eyes where all those millions of books, periodicals and microfilms are kept? From our warehouse to the Special Collections reading room: during the tour doors will open for you that are normally closed to visitors. Be surprised by this guided tour of about 1 hour.

Sign up for a tour

The KB gives guided tours to groups on set days. You can sign up for a tour alone or with a group. 

During the tour, you will encounter various steps. Unfortunately, this makes the tour less suitable for people in wheelchairs or with mobility problems. You can, however, take an alternative tour. If you want to take this alternative tour, please indicate this in the comments field.

Tours for the blind and visually impaired

The KB also organises tours for the blind and visually impaired. Contact @email for more information.

Presentations Special Collections

Would you like to take a closer look at special pieces from our collection? From medieval manuscripts to modern artists' books: there are many gems among the Special Collections. Our specialists can tell you all about them. The specialists organise presentations lasting 30-45 minutes, for groups of 10-15 people. And the content? We determine this together with you, based on your interests. 

On request, our collection specialists can also give presentations at a location other than the KB, for instance about Dutch poetry, exceptional manuscripts or beautiful books.

Are you interested in a presentation by Special Collections? Please contact Rianne Koning.

Presentations Special Collections for the blind and visually impaired

For the blind and visually impaired the KB organises special presentations of manuscripts and books from the Special Collections. During these presentations special materials can be felt and our specialists provide expert information about the books. Some pieces are so special that you cannot touch them, but the stories about them are just as fascinating. The presentations last 45-60 minutes. They are organised for groups of about 5 people. Assistance dogs and companions are welcome.