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Governing & Organizational Affairs
Anouk Janssen

Public Libraries

Collection Preservation
Foekje Boersma

Collection Data
Dennis Mark

Jasper Faase & Maarten Heerlien

Corporate Communication
Lennart de Jong

Digital Preservation
Jeffrey van de Hoeven

Nasim Hamidian

Frank Schrijvershof

Building, Facility Management & Procurement 
Belinda Slaa-Verboom

Eric van Driel

Information Policy
Stephanie Gertenaar

Information Technology
Kees de Waard

IT Service Management 
Benjamin van de Water

Marketing & Education 
Maaike Napolitano

Rosemarie van der Veen-Oei

Programs & Projects 
Cynthia Henskens

Public Services
Mariëtte Roelvink

Portfolios and board members

Reading & Digital Literacy
Ronald Huizer

Sustainable Access
Geertrui Verbraak

Research & Discovery
Martijn Kleppe (Deputy director general)

Business management
Eva de Jong

Information & technology
Niek Schroten

Board of directors

Director general
Lily Knibbeler

  • Groepsfoto van het directieteam. Van links naar rechts: Geertrui Verbraak, Martijn Kleppe, Lily Knibbeler (algemeen directeur), Ronald Huizer, Niek Schroten en Eva de Jong. 

General Executive Council

The KB is an independent administrative body (zelfstandig besturingsorgaan, ZBO). A ZBO is an organisation that fulfils government tasks but is not part of a ministry.

The daily running of the KB rests with the general director, who is accountable to the General Executive Council (Algemeen bestuurscollege, ABC). The ABC's tasks and authority are recorded in the Higher education and research act (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek, WHW) and the KB's board regulations. Among other things, the ABC concerns itself with the budget, annual report, organisational policy, subsidy programmes and developments in the various networks in which the KB is active.

The General Executive Council of the KB consists of a maximum of 5 members appointed by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. The council of the KB consists of:

  • mr. T.H.J. (Tjibbe) Joustra (chair)
  • W. (Wim) van der Stelt
  • prof. dr. (Beatrice) B.A. de Graaf
  • drs. A.S. (Annette) Roeters
  • dr. K. (Karin) Amatmoekrim

Board secretary: dr. mr. A.N.P. (Anouk) Janssen

Our experts

Every day, approximately 500 colleagues work to make the Netherlands smarter, more skilled and more creative. Curious about our experts and their often unique expertise? Discover the experts of the KB.