Donating collections to the KB

If you have a collection of books, newspapers or magazines that you are considering donating to the KB as a gift, please read the following information first.

What do we collect?

The KB collects and stores all books, newspapers and magazines published in the Netherlands, and everything published in other countries about the Netherlands . Although we have a very extensive collection, we are still missing a lot of publications. Donated items can therefore be a welcome addition. But we don’t accept everything we are offered. 

If you want to donate something

Please get in touch with one of our donation coordinators, Peter van Beest or Melinda Kónya via @email, if you are considering donating. They can tell you exactly what we expect regarding donations. Collection items must be in a good condition, for instance, and can’t be items that the KB already has. The donation coordinators can check this. 

We only accept incomplete series, single editions of magazines and unaltered reprints as an exception.

The KB cannot say how long it will take before donated items are included in the catalogue. 

Donations from organisations or companies

We would obviously be delighted if your organisation or company wants to make a large donation to the KB. However, some of these come at quite an expense to the KB. In these cases, we may ask for a contribution to the cost of transporting, storing and cataloguing the material and its metadata. Ask the donation coordinators about the possibilities.

Delivering the material

If the KB has accepted your donation, you can deliver the material to the KB yourself or send it to our postal address. Please contact the gift coordinators for details. The KB will only pick up material in exceptional cases. 


De KB is een Culturele ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, RSIN 007969880). Hierdoor kun je schenkingen of financiële giften aan de KB aftrekken van de inkomstenbelasting, soms tot wel 125 procent van de waarde. Doe je een periodieke gift gedurende ten minste 5 jaar, dan biedt de belastingdienst nog extra voordelen. Hoe dit voor jouw situatie uitwerkt, kunt je het best bespreken met je belastingadviseur.

More information

For more information about donations, please send an email to @email.