Why digital heritage does not make us cry yet: the emotional impact of digital heritage


There are very few good examples of digital heritage with emotional impact. In the meantime, technology is developing in ways that could aid emotional response – becoming more immediate, interactive and immersive. Join us for an engaging afternoon dedicated to exploring the emotional impact of digital heritage.

Heritage in a digital world

Heritage is not just about artifacts; it's about people, culture, and the right to participate in the rich tapestry of our shared history. In today's digitizing society, we must consider how to reflect these values in the digital domain. There is much work done on intellectual impact (access to cultural heritage) and on creative impact (re-use and digital skills). A lot less work is being done on emotional impact – how can we make heritage part of our digital lives in a meaningful way?

In a survey asking what people needed from digital heritage, people of course answered they would like to search and browse. But more than either of these, they wanted to experience heritage intensely. The aim of this afternoon is to bring together a group of people to address this challenge. 


Chair: Elsbeth Kwant (KB)

  • 12:45: Doors open
  • 13:00: Welcome
  • 13:05: Setting the Stage: broader context of heritage, tech & future
  • 13:30: Examples of emotional impact in digital heritage
  • 14:30: Break
  • 15:00: Breakout sessions for in-depth discussions and idea generation
  • 16:30: Closing and networking reception

For whom?

The event is intended for people from heritage institutions aiming to create meaningful interactions and emotional impact, researchers and students passionate about advancing knowledge in the intersection of heritage and technology, and technology companies providing support for innovative interactions.

This event is organised by the KB, Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed (NDE) and SURF.