Public libraries in the Netherlands have joined the Warm Spaces campagne, as initiated by the Dutch Salvation Army. For this campagne locations across the country have opened their doors to provide people with warm places to sit, study, read a book or drink a cup of coffee. By providing this help, the Salvation Army and the libraries aim to support people that are struggling because of the current energy prices.


Traditionally, public libraries already help residents of their municipalities  by opening their doors to all. Together, Dutch public libraries provide no less than 17.000 (warm) spots for work and study. The Association of Public Libraries would like the Ministry of Social Affairs and the municipalities to investigate if more action is needed to maintain or expand these warm spaces. On a map is provided that landmark these spaces across the Netherlands.

Response KB, National Library

The KB, National Library of the Netherlands, is a partner in the network of public libraries. Network manager Astrid Kraal praises the collaboration between the public libraries and the Salvation Army: “Public libraries are welcoming locations in their communities where you can study, read or connect with others, free of charge. We invite everyone who would otherwise stay at home, in the cold, to go to their local library. I hope that many organisations will join this wonderful example.”