The KB facilitates research. We work together with researchers, who we offer access to our physical and digital collection and the knowledge about our collections. We conduct our own research into the core functions of public libraries. We do this by collecting data on activities within the library sector.


How we facilitate research

KB Lab

KB Lab is an online platform where scientists develop new research methods and techniques to be able to research digital collections in the best possible way. The KB makes its digital collections and special datasets available for this purpose.


Linked data

The digital collections and metadata of the KB are available according to linked data principles, as bulk downloads, via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or via Wikimedia Commons. If copyright law allows it, anyone can use the data, free of charge and without conditions. If the material is copyrighted, access to the data for scientific research purposes is often possible.


Library Insight

At Bibliotheekinzicht / Library Insight we want to show how the libraries in the Netherlands are doing. What activities and facilities do they offer? How many members did they have and do they have now? What do they do for the youth, or for the illiterate? Can the library of today still be compared with the library of the past? To find the answer to this, we regularly ask the libraries to participate in our surveys. We also offer instruments with which they can conduct their own research.



Starting scientists who want to conduct research with our digital collections can become researcher-in-residence at the KB. They can use our databases and collaborate with our Digital Humanities team.