General terms of use

This website belongs to the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB). People from inside and outside the KB have contributed to it. If you wish to copy and/or re-use anything from this website, you must ask permission via @email as copyright and database right may apply to the parts of the website that you use. This is stated in the Copyright Act and the Database Act. These laws stipulate that authors - such as writers, journalists, photographers, illustrators - and (database) publishers may decide for themselves whether and how other people may re-use their work. 

Sometimes you do not need permission if you want to copy something from This applies in these cases:

  • The material was published or released more than 140 years ago. If this is not the case and all of the creators died more than 70 years ago, you do not need to ask permission either. 
  • The copy that you make is intended for you alone. You may not share it with others, so putting it on your website, emailing it to others or giving someone a printout, for example, is not allowed.
  • You do not copy the whole work, but only part of it, to use it in your own work. In that case, you must include the name of the author (citation). 
  • You do not make a copy but you only use the link to the location where the material is on (For example, you put the link on a website or social media). 

Special terms of use

The website sometimes also contains material with its own special conditions of use, which say what you can do with it. Sometimes you can re-use it without permission, but you often have to add the name of the creator. An example is this photo which has a condition for use: CC BY. You can use this photo for anything as long as you put the name of the author next to it: © KB/..., CC BY. 

But that is not permitted with, for example, the articles that you can find in the electronic journals at These have special, stricter conditions for use. 

Please note: the general terms and conditions of use above do not apply if specific material is subject to special terms and conditions of use. The special conditions of use always take precedence.  If there are no special terms of use for the material you want to use, then the general terms of use apply. 

If you want to copy a lot of material from, you will need permission from the KB. You can often obtain this permission if you need the material for scientific research. You can email the KB for this purpose at @email.

For right holders

The KB makes an effort to regulate its own use of other people's texts and images in writing with the rights holders. To this end, contracts are concluded with LIRA and Pictoright, among others. In this way, both their members and non-members are eligible for a modest fee that is appropriate for use by the KB, which is not intended to make a profit. If you think you have rights to material on this website, please contact @email. Do you not want your work to appear on If so, please notify us via @email

Are you a publisher and do you want to put a book on back on the market in the near future? In that case you can take the book offline by sending an e-mail to @email.


On its websites the KB makes material from its collection available in the form in which it was originally published, as a source for culture and history. Anyone who wants to consult our books, newspapers or periodicals must be able to count on the KB preserving them unaltered and complete. 

The KB is not responsible for the contents of the works in its collection and does not support them in any way. The KB deliberately does not interfere with the content of what it collects and points out that material from its collection that appears on its websites may sometimes have a discriminatory, insulting, racist or hateful message, or may be perceived as such.

The KB is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may result from (any use of) this website or parts thereof.