NWO is making 10.3 million euros available for HAICu, a project of which the KB is a co-founder. In this project we will use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve accessibility of digital heritage collections. This makes it easier for users to interpret events from different perspectives and assess their authenticity. The project has a duration of 6 years.

In this project, scientists work together with heritage professionals and interested citizens. Special attention is given to the development of responsible and explicable AI models.

Enrichment of the digital collection

The KB has an extensive digital heritage collection, such as books, newspapers and magazines, which we make available via Delpher, among others. By participating in this project, we can make this digital collection even more accessible to users. We can also connect and enrich these with other digital collections. For example, by connecting digitized newspapers with audiovisual collections from other institutions. In this way, heritage collections gain much more depth and context.

Good news for the heritage sector

Rosemarie van der Veen-Oei, head of the Research department at the KB: “This award is great news for the heritage sector. AI offers opportunities for the KB, and at the same time it is important that the models we use are explainable and responsible. This collaboration allows us to look beyond the current major language models. The results from HAICu can help us ensure access to our datasets for our users, in a sustainable manner and by using AI.”

National Science Agenda

The subsidy has been awarded in the context of the National Science Agenda (Nationale Wetenschapsagenda). Also view the other projects that have received a grant from NWO.