2023 marks the 225 year anniversary of the KB. Throughout these years, we have put together a remarkable collection. Old books, rare books, but also collection items that aren’t books at all. Over the next 5 weeks, we will reflect on 5 extraordinary objects from our collection. 

Articles and videos

The oldest book in our collection.

Every Friday, we will post an article online about an extraordinary object. Each article will have an accompanying video. In these articles, our collection specialists and curators tell you more about the pieces from their own area of expertise. We have published the first article and video today. Ed van der Vlist, curator of medieval manuscripts, shows off the oldest tome in our collection: a manuscript from the time of Charlemagne. 

Interactive sessions

We will also organise 2 sessions in the KB, in which the extraordinary objects can be admired in real life. During the sessions, the experts go into detail about their chosen pieces. The events will take place on Tuesday September 26th and Saturday October 28th. Tickets can be purchased through our web shop