The KB has updated its Research Agenda. Read here about the topics the KB will be researching over the next four years. We will research these topics together with partners in the science, heritage and business sectors.

Why do we have a Research Agenda?

The KB creates a policy plan for every 4 years. This sets out what we aim to do and achieve as The National Library of the Netherlands. 

The Research Agenda helps to write this policy plan. It describes the topics that we will be researching in the coming years. Artificial Intelligence and ethics, for example, or how we will keep our collection safe for the future (conservation). We use the results to determine our policy and to find out which topics will be important to us in the future. In this way, we aim to contribute to a smarter, more skilled and more creative Netherlands. 

Collaboration with partners

For the Research Agenda, we work with our partners in science, the heritage sector and the business community. We develop the topics together. The Research Agenda is therefore a dynamic document: we continuously update it based on results and developments.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about our Research Agenda? On this page you can read more about the 8 topics we plan to conduct research for.


Rosemarie van der Veen-Oei
Head of Research