Just in case you’re wondering: yes, you are indeed visiting the website of the KB, the National Library of The Netherlands. It’s a brand new website, with a completely new design and a much more intuitive layout. Let us guide you through the key changes, so you’ll be able to find your way again in no-time.

What has changed?

To begin with, our new site has a new, modern design that matches the KB brand guidelines, with custom made photography and vivid colours. In all our future publications our aim is to be more concrete, to the point and helpful. This is consistent with our core values: we are open, connecting, reliable and innovative.

We’ve also changed the structure of our site. We’ve grouped information around target audiences. That way, you’ll be able to find everything you need in one place, whether you’re a culture lover, stakeholder, publisher or researcher.

Looking for information in our catalogue? We have now moved the search tool to our top menu bar. That way, it remains accessible from every page on our website.


Why a new KB site? 

The old site had been technically unsupported for some time. Moreover, copyright and digital accessibility were not properly regulated. As a result, not all texts could be read properly by everyone. And search engines did not yet know how to find us either. The new site solves these problems. 


Do you have a question about our new website? Did you find a link that doesn’t work, or did we misplace a picture? Please send your questions or remarks to: @email.