Working together with the KB

As the national library, the KB is at the heart of social developments. Together with our fellow libraries, scientific researchers, network partners and social partners, we are involved in various relevant initiatives. From national initiatives such as CLARIAH, Nationaal Programma Open Science and the Nederlands Artificial Intelligence Coalitie (NLAIC) to international networks such as Conference of European National Librarians, EUROPEANA, IFLA and LIBER. We are happy to expand our network with knowledge partners from various disciplines and policy fields.

Within which frameworks do we collaborate?

All our collaborations are in line with the themes of the KB research agenda and the Kennisagenda Openbare Bibliotheken. These themes form the basis for the ambition of the KB Policy Plan. The collection knowledge of our colleagues and other current topics such as Digital accessibility and Artificial Intelligence (AI) also form the basis for collaboration.

'Thanks to our collaboration with the KB in the MAKERLAB project, we have been given ways to evaluate collaborations. This gives us a much better insight into our effects..’

Oldenzaal Library

Are you interested in a collaboration with the KB?

Please contact Rosemarie van der Veen-Oei, advisor for national and international collaboration.